John Gialamas
Ops Manager
John uses his communication and motivational skills to make sure that everything in SB works like a charm, while he is excercising his managerial abilities. He is a bookworm and he loves to play (post apocalyptic) video games.
Bill Kampouroudis
Front-end Developer
Bill is an ambitious person who loves designing and developing exciting apps. In his free time he enjoys writing code, drawing pencil portraits and riding his bike.
Ioannis Katsikavelas
R&D Engineer
Ioannis loves trail running, snowboarding and Mountains in general. His main focus is to enhance and use his skills in Machine Learning and Embedded systems especially in the fields of Robotics, Healthcare and IoT. In his spare time apart from tearing down devices, he loves creating funny and useless robots.
Theodosis Koutsias
Front-end Developer
Theodosis is a front-end developer who loves writing code, and he is currently exercising React. He strives to become a better developer and transform new ideas into real apps. He likes to play battle-royale games and traveling around the world!
Rania Marou
Back-end Developer
Rania is a passionate back-end developer, who loves to write beautiful & clean code and have everything organized. She is a huge fan of healthy living, sustainability & yoga. Namaste!
Dimos Papakonstantinou
UX/UI Designer
Dimosthenis is a product designer that crafts digital experiences and products that help people and businesses. He likes to be involved in every aspect of a product, from brand visualisation to experience and interaction. He loves traveling and tasting local foods 🤤
Kostas Petrianakis
Back-end Developer
Kostas likes to build stuff. Whether it's a castle with Lego, a self-designed BBQ with steel or a beautifully architected software solution with... bits and bytes, he's in!
Theo Siklafidis
Back-end Developer
Theo who goes by the nickname "Siklas" is a back-end developer who loves Linux and especially Python. He also gets along well with cats, dogs and sometimes owls. In his free time he likes watching tv series, playing first-person shooter video games or simply writing some Python code.

Stephane Billon


Irene Bakal